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Today, over 16 million single parents in the country are raising kids below 18 years of age. Every one in five kids 21 percent lives with a solo mother, while 4 percent live with a solo dad in While it is already tedious for married couples to achieve a work-life balance, how much more would it be for a single parent to juggle child care and career? Apart from that, solo parents experience more financial pressure of managing a household. Essentially, being a single parent means all decision-making is left to you. You have no partner to turn to when you are faced with tough choices. Between career and taking care of children, many single parents agree that somehow raising kids alone has significantly affected their job and overall career. Nonetheless, here are some helpful tips for single parents as they face these unique challenges in life. Having a support network can take some burden off in raising children on your own. This support network could be anyone — family members, extended relatives, friends, and even other parents you meet along the way. advantages of single parenting

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Single Parent Advantages of single parenting

A family which consists of a child or children and only one parent, e.

advantages of single parenting

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advantages of single parenting

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Advantages and Disadvantages for Children in Single Parent Family

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advantages of single parenting

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