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During banquo and macbeth Italian Renaissance, there were many credentials required to become a courtier to the king and queen. One of the requirements was being a man, but not just any ordinary man. Playwright William Shakespeare grapples with this idea of manhood in his tragic play Macbeth. Set in the backdrop of eleventh-century Scotland, the play follows the titular character who receives a prophecy that he will be crowned king.

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Tempted by power and glory, the male protagonist takes matters into his own hands by killing the king, taking the throne, and subsequently facing the repercussions of acting on his ignoble desires. Throughout the play, the main characters implicitly express their beliefs on what a man should be, revealing the societal expectations of masculinity. By analyzing the story of Macbeththe dangers of masculinity can be presented through the ideologies of the main characters and their understanding banquo and macbeth the ideal man. A character who reinforces the rigorous traits of manhood is Lady Macbeth.

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Early on in the play, Lady Macbeth is introduced when she receives a letter from her husband. The letter details an encounter with three witches and their prophecy that Macbeth will overtake the throne from King Duncan.

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Lady Macbeth expresses her concerns however, when she worries whether her husband will be manly enough to follow through with this plan. Her fears are confirmed when Macbeth backs out of the plan shortly afterwards when he deliberates over the consequences of treason. Although Macbeth exhibited ambition by conveying his eagerness to be the King of Scotland, he also exhibits his compassion through attempting to banquo and macbeth against the treacherous plot.

This paranoia is evident when Macbeth expresses his bbanquo towards his closest ally and friend, Banquo. As a result, this prophecy leads Macbeth to obsess over the possible threat to his crown.

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Macbeth shares his spite of Banquo when he proclaims. He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor To act in safety.

banquo and macbeth

There is none but he Banquo and macbeth being I do fear; and under him My genius is rebuked. The protagonist presents the embodiment of an insecure man who is fragile jacbeth nature with the direct threat of a competitor, who happens to be his closest friend. The competitiveness in masculinity is further developed in the scene when Macbeth convinces two men to murderer Banquo and his children.]

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