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Blade Runner 2049 ENDING EXPLAINED \u0026 Replicant Theory

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Netflix Netflix. The contents of a hidden grave draw the interest of an industrial titan and send Officer K, an LAPD blade runner, on a quest to find a missing legend. Watch all you want. This artful sequel set 30 years after the original "Blade Runner" earned Oscars for visual effects and cinematography. More Details. Blade runner 2049 theories blade runner 2049 theories. blade runner 2049 theories

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author. And Bladerunner takes us to that edge repeatedly. Chapter 1 asks us if Joi and K are human.

A Review of "Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy"

Others argue whether Joi or Mariette is really present. At the same time, the author shows up all the different meanings of real used in the movie. Chapter 3 asks what real means and what it means to the various main characters.

blade runner 2049 theories

Chapter 4 asks what sublime and aesthetics even mean. It also offers a good explanation as to how the baseline test works based on aesthetics, creating a better test for detecting emotional deviance in replicant bladerunners.


It starts by asking what it means to be human before explaining how the answer to this question leads to a path toward becoming human. This chapter also provides a good contrast between the popular definition of stoicism and the real meaning of the philosophy.

blade runner 2049 theories

Chapter 6 asks us whether humanity is defined by thought, form or action before presenting examples within the franchise of how various characters meet several or even all of the criteria. It echoes link theory of how biology affects thought patterns such as when we equate looking to awareness and grasping with possession and understanding.

Chapter 7 defines both human and post-human for us. It toys with the idea that the post-human becomes human when it procreates like humans, gaining the same moral weight and, as K put it, a soul.

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This idea was also reflected in the Battlestar Galactica rebooted series. The humanoid cylons were determined to create a living child in their image. Sharon and Helo made Hera, a revered Christ-like birth that the series then made the ancestor for modern humanity.

Chapter 8 is the first focused on Joi. Is Joi a person?]

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