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characteristics of holden caulfield Characteristics of holden caulfield

Holden Caulfield Analysis Essay

Holden tells his life story nolden is currently going through psychiatric care. He is expelled for failing the majority of his classes except English. Holden visits his old teacher Mr. Spencer before he leaves Pencey. Spencer gave Holden advice but the irresponsible sixteen-year-old ignored the advice that he gave Holden.

Holden lost the fight, leaves Pencey to return to New York City where his parents live.

characteristics of holden caulfield

Holden stays in the Edmont Hotel; this is when he meets Maurice a pimp. He becomes characteristics of holden caulfield nervous and refuses to go on with it and just wants to have a friendly conversation. Sunny and Maurice soon return to collect the extra cash; Maurice hits Holden and steals his money. Holden returns home to see his little sister Phoebe, while avoiding his parents. He would come out of somewhere and always catch them just before they fall off cliff.

Effects Of Alienation In Catcher In The Rye

Holden falls asleep but when he awakens he finds Mr. Antolini coming on to him so he decides to leave. Holden tells Phoebe that he is leaving; she tells him that she wants to go with him and becomes angry when he refuses.

characteristics of holden caulfield

He takes Phoebe to the zoo and holden is happy watching her spin around the carousel. Holden ends his story here. Interactions with Caulfield have been relatively unhampered, he presented his story in an acceptably complete form and manner.]

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