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Antigone Vs Creon Character Analysis Words 3 Pages Antigone's tragic flaw made her refuse to stop what she planned to do, even if death was the consequence. This great downfall was caused by her flaw, so she fits these requirements of a tragic hero. A tragic hero must relize their flaw, and in the end there is no significant evidence that shows Antigone realized her flaw. In the fourth circle, where dante walks through seeing the sinners who sinned of being greedy, this circle is called The Avaricious. As found in canto 7, the sinners in this circle are degraded by making them so physically squalid of rolling weights. Lines Dante's Inferno Contrapasso Analysis Words 2 Pages The punishment is not settling enough nor worth it, they are just pushing weights before them in the Circle.

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This dilemma is felt by many, especially Antigone sister of the deceased. In Greek culture it is thought that the spirit of a body cannot find rest if it is has not been laid to rest by the evening of the day it has departed, and it is condemned to roam the earth for eternity. The struggle between human antigon and divine law is a moral dilemma Antigone feels as she decides to go against the laws of the king.

She acknowledges the importance of family and savors in the knowledge of defying the state. She ultimately succeeds in rceon moral quest to stand by belief in divine principle above and against the power and authority of the state, despite her suicide. Many Greek writers such as Homer in Iliad, reflect religious ideology in their works. A constant battle between man and the creon vs antigone are apparent, and the concepts of burial rights are similarly played out.

In Iliad after Achilles rejoins the battle and fights his enemies, he kills Hektor, the Trojan leader and releases his body to be buried after the gods intervene Coughlin, According to Greek mythology humans could endure an even creon vs antigone more eternal punishment for breaking the gods will.

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Because, Antigone truly thinks that Creon has not rightfully been awarded king, there is resentment towards him for finding his way to the throne through the end of the true power. It is possible that Antigone did not take the king seriously or thought that she would possibly be spared.

creon vs antigone

creon vs antigone In fact, she may perhaps just simply not cared. However, she chooses to display the importance of divine edict over the kings and takes it upon herself to give her brother a proper burial. But because you said yes, all that you can do, for all your crown and your trappings, and your guards—all that your can do is to have me killed.

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Sophocles, Lines These lines show how much personal power she possesses compared to King Creon. Antigone remains consistent, even contentious in her disobedience. By offending the king, it is as if Antigone is leaving him no choice and his prideful ways force him to sustain her sentence.

creon vs antigone

After Creon realizes that fulfilling his order may be a mistakehe also knows that he cannot retract the ordering of her death. He had surrendered his actions to the power of the state, and thus rendering himself to a loathsome state.]

creon vs antigone

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