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Deepwater horizon depth deepwater horizon depth.

The two-grand-a-night call girls are wandering lonely and disconsolate through the Wynn casino, victims of the recession. Badpenny, dressed full-on Bond Girl, is losing nickels in the slots and humming Elvis tunes. Well, good.

Bucking the trend

Take notes, Penny. My own assignment is to hook up with Daniel Becnel.

deepwater horizon depth

Becnel is just about the best trial lawyer in the United States. He puts out his shingle at the ass end of Louisiana, at the far end of the bayous, where he defends Cajuns like himself, and that includes the wildcatters out on the Gulf Coast oil rigs.

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Chevron Petroleum monopolizes deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe Becnel and I could trade information. There was an explosion back home. A rig fepth out and was burning. The Coast Guard called him. The Guard assumed maybe a dozen of his clients who had been working on the Deepwater Horizon platform were inside, cooked alive.

Something is very wrong in this picture.

deepwater horizon depth

The sound on the TV above the bar is off. The high, black rolls of smoke rising out of the BP oil rig remind me of my own office when it burned. All I can see are a couple of fireboats pointlessly shpritzing the methane-petroleum blaze with water. What the hell?

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Where is the Sea Devil? Because of my screwy career path, I happen to know a lot about oil spill containment. And I know a lot about bullshit.

deepwater horizon depth

How could they do this? could British Petroleum, the oil company with the deepwater horizon depth gas stations, with the solar panels on the hoizon of their annual report, that kissed environmental groups full on the mouth by breaking ranks with Exxon to decry global warming.

I have in my files a highly confidential four-volume investigation [link 10] on the grounding of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska, written two decades ago. The report concluded.


I have a copy because I wrote it. That was my last job. The job that defeated me: after years as a detective-economist, investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering, this was the case that ruined the game for me.]

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