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The present essay is devoted to an investigation of the interrelationships between domestic violence DV and the Millennium Development Goals MDGs with a focus domestic violence experiment the ways the latter can be used to reduce the former. In general, there is a bilateral relationship between the phenomena. As a result, it can be suggested that the conclusions about the rather meager contribution of MGDs to the reduction of DV imply that future similar efforts in this direction have to include comprehensive and customized goals that are based on extensive and ongoing discussions of the global community, especially the people who are directly involved in the work with DV. As a expperiment, a review of the potential of MDGs for resolving the issue needs to analyze the contribution of the goals to the resolution of the instances, consequences, and causes of DV.

Therefore, the three elements of DV need to be defined. The notion does not have to refer to the nuclear family: for example, domestic violence experiment Australia, DV includes the violence that occurs in extended families and between ex-family members Senate Thus, DV is a significant issue that can affect people of all ages and sexes, but female people are more likely experimfnt experience it.

domestic violence experiment

DV is a major social problem and one of the key health concerns of modern global society Trinh et al. Some of the consequences of DV include issues like the deterioration of physical and mental health of the people who are involved in or witness Domestic violence experiment, the loss of human lives, and the increased risks of homelessness and financial instability Senate When considering the solutions for the consequences of DV, global organizations should take into account these factors and phenomena.

Domestic violence often turns deadly

Also, it is noteworthy that, according to the Australian SenateDV results in increased costs for the governments, for example, from the point of view of healthcare or police services. This factor can be used to illustrate the importance of addressing the issue from the perspective of society. It is domestic violence experiment noteworthy that the causes of DV tend to interact.

For instance, illiteracy can result in greater economic dependence of women on men, which increases the odds of the former experiencing DV at the hands of the latter Das et al.

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Finally, it should be pointed out that the instances and some of the consequences of DV tend to become its reasons. For example, prior exposure to DV or mental issues can lead a person to perpetrate DV, and the socioeconomic consequences of DV can make a person vulnerable financial instability is domestic violence experiment of the causes of DV.

The cyclic nature of DV seems to be apparent and highlights the importance of addressing the issue while also indicating that DV is an incredibly complex phenomenon that requires comprehensive solutions. Hyde-Nolan and Juliao also point out that cognitive behavior theories may also consider the interactions between society and personal behavior.]

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