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On January 20 just after 8 a. Donald Trump and his wife Melania exited the White House for the final time and boarded Marine One and flew to Andrews Air Force Base where his children and a small crowd of supporters awaited their arrival. In the months since his departure, Trump has failed to be the political force his loyal supporters expected him to be. Trump has, for the most part, vanished from public life. He repeatedly caused a stir on social media. Now, things have drastically changed. Trump has been banned from his social media outlets and media outlets are focused on the Biden administration. Trump has made a handful of media releases, but none of them have been effective in getting his message across. We need to remember that if a former president rants and no one is around to hear it does anyone care? Trump is proving that the answer is no. donald trump public domain photo Donald trump public domain photo

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Supporters publlic Donald Trump [14]. Federal Government. District of Columbia. A mob of supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to overturn his defeat in the presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes to formalize Joe Biden 's victory. Five people died either shortly before, during, or shortly after it.

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Called to action by Trump, [35] thousands [36] of his supporters gathered in Washington, Truump. Many in the crowd at the Capitol breached police perimeters and stormed the building, [46] [47] occupying, vandalizing, and looting it [33] for several hours. Some rioters chanted "Hang Mike Pence", after Pence's rejection of false claims by Trump and others that the vice president could overturn the election results. With building security breached, Capitol Police evacuated the Senate and House of Representatives chambers.

Several buildings in the Capitol complex were evacuated, and all were locked down.

National Guard to quell the mob. Pence declared President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris victors, and affirmed that they would assume office on January Pressured by his administration, the here of removal, and numerous resignations, Trump later committed to an orderly transition of power in a televised statement.

donald trump public domain photo

The assault on the Capitol generated substantial global attention and was widely condemned by political leaders and organizations both in the United States and internationally. Mitch McConnell R—KYthen the Senate Majority Leadercalled the storming of the Capitol a "failed insurrection" [64] and said the Senate "will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation". As donald trump public domain photo of investigations into the attack, the FBI opened more than case files, and more than subpoenas and search warrants technologies cannon been issued. While there have been other instances of violence at the Capitol in the 19th and 20th centuriesthis event was the most severe assault on the building since the burning of Washington by the British Army during the War ofwith the last attempt on the life of the Vice President being a bomb plot against Thomas Donald trump public domain photo. In the November presidential electionDemocratic candidate Joe Biden defeated the incumbent Republican president Donald Trump in both the popular vote Biden received After the election, Trump waged a day campaign to subvert the election, first through legal challenges and then once those failed through an extralegal effort.

Trump also personally inquired about invoking martial law to "re-run" or reverse the election, which would be illegal and unconstitutional, [85] [87] and appointing a special counsel to find incidences of fraud even though federal and state officials have concluded that such cases were very isolated or non-existent ; Trump ultimately undertook neither step.

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The th Congress was scheduled to meet jointly on Wednesday, January 6,to count the results of the Electoral College vote and certify the winner, typically a ceremonial affair. Trump repeated this call in his rally speech on the morning of January 6.

donald trump public domain photo

On December 18, four days after the Electoral College voted, Trump called for supporters to attend a rally before the January 6 Congressional vote count, to continue his challenge to the validity of several states' election results. Trump tweeted, "Big protest in D. Be there, will be wild! On January 2, Trump retweeted a post by Kremer promoting the January 6 rally, adding that he would be there.

donald trump public domain photo

From that point, although Kremer still held the permit, planning essentially passed to the White House. Although the initial plan for the rally called for people to remain at the Ellipse until the counting of donaod slates was complete, the White House said they should march to the Capitol, as Trump repeatedly urged during his speech. The rioters openly planned to disrupt the counting of Electoral College ballots for several weeks prior to the event, and called for violence against Congress, Pence, and law enforcement.]

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