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Effects on the industrial revolution

Effects on the industrial revolution - consider, that

The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in history which was marked by a shift in the world from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing. It brought about a greater volume and variety of factory-produced goods and raised the standard of living for many people, particularly for the middle and upper classes. However, life for the poor and working classes continued to be filled with challenges. Wages for those who laboured in factories were low and working conditions could be dangerous and monotonous. Children were part of the labo u r force. They often worked long hours and were used for such highly hazardous tasks as cleaning the machinery. effects on the industrial revolution

Because of the increase in production that the Industrial Revolution spurred on, easily attainable fuel sources like wood were used in large amounts that had very significant impacts on the environment but were over looked because of the desire to speed up reduction at any cost.

effects on the industrial revolution

The dependence on this natural resource during this industrial time period became one of the largest causes of deforestation which not only affects the trees and the forest, but it also affects the wildlife that have made the forest their home. Deforestation ultimately leads to a lack effrcts trees, which help to rid the air and water of the harmful pollutants and carbon emissions that factories put out into the environment.

Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

Without trees there is no clean air, and without clean air there can be no life. Order your assignment!

effects on the industrial revolution

Speaking of life, the Industrial Revolution caused a great increase in the worldwide population. Skip to content Words: Environmental Effects of the Industrial Revolution Assignment.]

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