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Henry V German : Heinrich V. He was made co-ruler by his father, Henry IV , in In Emperor Henry IV's conflicts with the imperial princes and the struggle against the reform papacy during the Investiture Controversy , young Henry V allied himself with the opponents of his father. He forced Henry IV to abdicate on 31 December and ruled for five years in compliance with the imperial princes. He tried, unsuccessfully, to withdraw the regalia from the bishops and in order to at least preserve the previous right to invest he captured Pope Paschal II and forced him to perform his imperial coronation in Once crowned emperor, Henry departed from joint rule with the princes and resorted to earlier Salian autocratic rule. After he had failed to increase control over the church, the princes in Saxony and on the Middle and Lower Rhine, in the imperial princes forced Henry V to consent with the papacy. He surrendered to the demands of the second generation of Gregorian reformers , and in he and Pope Callixtus II ended the Investiture Controversy in the Concordat of Worms. emperor henry iv and pope gregory vii Emperor henry iv and pope gregory vii

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emperor henry iv and pope gregory vii

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emperor henry iv and pope gregory vii

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emperor henry iv and pope gregory vii

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