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Factorio S7E116 - Base tuning while maintaining 1 rocket per minute

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factorio 1 rocket per minute

There was a short story I must have read beforeabout a group of Factorio 1 rocket per minute American bureaucrats who escaped from a nuclear world in their dimension, into a Lovecraftian dimension. The story ended with the protagonist realizing how unpleasant the new, unexplored dimension would be to live in. This report attracts the attention of "the Colonel" implied to be Oliver Northwho arranges for Jourgensen's cite beowulf and for him to work on a variant of the Iran—Contra affair: secret dealings between the U.

In the Cold War, the U. The Soviets gained their knowledge from Nazi Germany, which had moved a sleeping entity from an underwater city in the Baltic Sea; the entity is now contained at Chernobyl.

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They have also deployed "servitors", unstoppable robot-like beings found in the original Pabodie expedition. Satellite reconnaissance by the U. The CIA also uses these gates to other planets as roundabout ways to transport drugs and arms to and from the Afghan mujahideen as part of Operation Cyclone. Stephen Jay Gould briefs the CIA on the evolutionary implications of the alien lifeforms, confirming they come from no Earthly source. Other nations emulate the superpowers; Iran and Israel covertly plan a joint nuclear defence against Iraq's attempts to open a gate to the stars. Eventually, the Colonel's dealings are leaked, and Jourgensen has to testify before a congressional committee.

factorio 1 rocket per minute

One congressman, horrified by the accounts of the Colonel's dabbling, inquires about the Great Filter: why no aliens have openly stopped by to visit humanity, and only relics and servants remain. He points out that meddling with relics of the Elder Ones would be a good explanation for why other intelligent life has been exterminated before it could visit. Saddam stabilises the gate of Yog-Sothoth, destroying opposing tribes in Iraq, causing Iran to retaliate with a nuclear attack.

The timing unfortunately lines up with a joke by President Reagan; the Soviets and their leader Yegor Ligachev retaliate, with a nuclear war destroying the Middle East and much of the U. More worryingly, the entity behind the Soviet program, Cthulhu, has somehow been loosed; the U. Jourgensen and other U. There, riven by phantom voices, Jourgensen contemplates suicide. He decides against it, as death would be no escape if — as he suspects — he has been devoured by Yog-Sothoth already. It's not set during World War II, but the http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/benjamin-franklin-s-theory-of-life-and/death-penalty-cruel-and-unusual-punishment-essay.php knowledge was acquired then, and otherwise, the plotline seems to fit with them being transported to another dimension to escape nuclear launches, and with the protagonist realizing that the solution may be factorio 1 rocket per minute than the problem.

factorio 1 rocket per minute

Roger looks at his cigarette disbelievingly: throws it far out into the night sky above the plain.]

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