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The U. Food and Drug Administration has been working around the clock with our U. Issuing these EUAs is a major public health step to help end this pandemic, but we know many communities have questions about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. Unfortunately, many racial and ethnic minorities continue to also be the target of misinformation and disinformation related to COVID The FDA takes very seriously our obligation to adhere to the regulatory review process. health disparities articles Health disparities articles

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Racial disparities have been a constant problem in maternal health care, from rising death rates to the threat of health disparities articles COVID among pregnant women. But now experts are hopeful that telehealth can help narrow those disparities. Why it matters: It's not a complete solution to the racial barriers women of color face. But some experts are optimistic that telehealth — long-distance health care through videoconferences and other technology — can help reduce those barriers by offering flexibility in appointments and better access to diverse providers.

Stay on top of the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free. The big picture: From sweeping state laws that limit access to health disparities articles care, to dismissiveness and lack of compassion from their health care providers, the concerns of women of color are often ignored. In several interviews, pregnant women of color in Fresno, Oakland and San Francisco lakota legends disrespectful treatment from their health care providers — including racism and discrimination — as well as health disparities articles interactions with health care staff and a lack of information, a study shows. Another study found that women of color reported higher rates of mistreatment by health care providers — like being shouted at or scolded — and that providers were more likely to ignore their pain and anxiety. By the numbers: The U.

Inthe maternal death rate for Black women was about 2. What's happening : All 50 states have temporarily or permanently expanded telehealth coverage for Medicaid patients — texting, in-app messaging and video calls — since the pandemic started.


The risk of exposure is five times greater among Black and Hispanic health disparities articles women. The Urban Institute published a brief in October that outlined examples of how states, private insurers and other organizations have tried to address virtual maternal care during the pandemic, especially for women of color. Alternative providers such as doulas and midwives, who have been shown to be more empathetic and improve health outcomes for pregnant women of color, are now covered virtually, researcher Emmy Burroughs tells Axios. What's next: There is interest in seeing how "telehealth and technology platforms overall in this space can be used to address power dynamics" in maternal care, said Kimberly Seals Allers, founder of Irtha Yelp-like ratings app that launched this year to help Black and brown women rate their care.

Yes, health disparities articles Several experts say expansion of virtual care won't solve every issue in Black and brown mothers' encounters with racist treatment from health care providers.

Language barriers, access to birth control and mistrust of technology are still hindrances that prevent some pregnant women from using these services. Register here. More from Axios: Sign up to get the latest market trends with Axios Markets.

health disparities articles

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health disparities articles

The mini 4-pound 1. The Chargers are paying wide receiver Mike Williams plenty to keep him on the roster, but is he part of the team's long-term plans? India's government and parts of the media ignored health disparities articles about a rising wave of cases, experts say. Officials in Moscow announced Sunday that 20 Czech diplomats had 72 hours to leave Russia, after the EU nation accused Russian operatives of being behind a deadly ammunition health disparities articles explosion in Why it matters: The action, which came a day after the Czech government expelled 18 Russian diplomats over the blast, marks the latest escalation in what's become the worst tension between Russia and Western nations since the Cold War. Subscribe for freeThe Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Czech government in a statement of trying to "please" the U. The unit has been linked to a poisoning attack targeting Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England.

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Authorities say they have apprehended a person in connection with a shooting at a busy tavern in southeastern Wisconsin early Sunday that left three men articlees and three health disparities articles injured. Kenosha County Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. David Wright said the suspect is facing a charge of first-degree intentional homicide, with additional criminal charges likely after further investigation. Authorities said earlier they weren't sure if there was more than one shooter. Ingenuity flew 10 feet above the Martian surface on Monday and snapped a photo of its shadow from the air.]

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