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Heart of darkness irony

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Heart of Darkness - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis heart of darkness irony

The Environment Irony is the use of language that contradicts the intended meaning and is used for either humor or a dramatic effect. Conrad utilizes irony in Heart of Darkness to depict how the good ideals of the characters are corrupted after going into the Congo.

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A prominent instance of irony is developed in the character of Kurtz. According to Mr. Kurtz's report for the International Society for the Suppression of Savage Customs, he irong that, "we whites, from the point of development we had arrived at, "must necessarily appear to them [savages] in the nature of supernatural beings-we approach them with the might as of deity" P. Kurtz believed it was the duty of the European white people to bring benefits to the uncivilized natives of the Congo.

heart of darkness irony

He believed that the Europeans had such an influence that they could actually civilize and advance iony way of the natives and thus giving them a better life as discussed earlier by the complaining of the Manager who said that Kurtz wanted, "Each station [to] be like a beacon on the road towards better things, a center for trade of course, but also for humanizing, improving, instructing.

Kurtz had went from a fellow with good intents to one who wanted to get rid of all the uncivilized beast-like natives.

heart of darkness irony

He no longer wanted to help the natives, all he cared for by the end was how much money he would be getting and how he'd go about getting it.]

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