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History and Prehistory

Main Difference – History vs Prehistory

Our species, Homo sapiensrose in Africa someyears ago. The objects that early humans made and used, known as the Middle Stone Age material culture, are found throughout much of Africa and include a vast range of innovations. Among them are bow and arrow technologyspecialized tool historhthe long-distance transport of objects such as marine shells and obsidianhistory vs prehistory ornamentationthe use of pigmentswater storage, and art.

history vs prehistory

Although it is possible that other ancestors of modern humans contributed to this material culture in Africa, some of the earliest Middle Stone Age stone tools have been found with the oldest Homo sapiens fossils found so far. The textbook view is that by around 40, years ago, the Middle Stone Age had history vs prehistory ceased to exist in Africa. This was a milestone in the history of our species: the end of the first and longest lasting culture associated with humanity, and the foundation for all the history vs prehistory innovations and material culture that defines us today.

Despite its central role in human history, we have little understanding of how the Middle Stone Age ended.

From the Ancient World

Such an understanding could tell us how different groups were organized across the landscape, how they may have exchanged ideas and hitsory, and how these processes shaped the later stages of human evolution. Unfortunately, vast swathes of Africa remain near complete blanks on the map when it comes to such deep prehistory, making it difficult to address these questions. Research has tended to focus on areas such as eastern Africawhere preservation is known to be high, understandably minimizing risks and maximizing gains. However, the emerging consensus that all of Africa played some role in human origins means that we can no longer afford to neglect vast regions of the continent if we want to reconstruct history vs prehistory evolution in a history vs prehistory framework. For these reasons, my colleagues and I have been focusing on west Africa, one of the least well understood African regions for human evolution.

New work in Senegal

And our recent work is validating earlier claims of a read more Middle Stone Age past. Several young dates in west Africa had been reported in the past, history vs prehistory the work was largely dismissed owing to problematic dating conducted before the present-day standards existed. In andwe returned to the field to look for sites in different regions of Senegal and on different river systems, on tributaries of the Senegal and the Gambia. This is because sources of fresh water were critical to people in the past, just as they are to people today; river terraces also often offer excellent preservation conditions and are therefore good places to search for archaeological sites.

history vs prehistory

The site of Laminia on the Gambia had never been dated. We conducted a detailed assessment of its rock layers to obtain dating samples we could confidently link to the artifacts.]

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