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During his reign, the Hongwu emperor instituted military, administrative, and educational reforms that centred power in the emperor. Orphaned at 16, he became a monk at the Huangjue monastery near Fengyang to avoid starvation—a common practice for the sons of poor peasants. As a wandering mendicant, he often begged for food at Hefei some miles west of Nanjing and surrounding areas, where no constituted authority existed. Indeed, all of central and northern China was suffering from drought and famine, and more than seven million people starved, a situation that encouraged the popular rebellions that started from around Led by plebeian bandits, the rebels attacked the rich, distributing their wealth and goods among the people. One such rebel was Guo Zixing, who in led a large force to attack and take Haozhou. Zhu joined the rebel forces and changed his name to Zhu Yuanzhang, rising from the ranks to become second-in-command. Guo Zixing, a mere bandit leader, became jealous of Zhu Yuanzhang, who distinguished himself as a military leader. Subsequently he received important commissions, gaining a following of outstanding men, some of whom later became officials under the early Ming dynasty.

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The Brilliance and Paranoia of the First Ming Emperor hongwu definition. Hongwu definition

Do Koreans believe that Hanbok was originated form Chinese Hanfu? In English, please :D. See a translation. Report copyright infringement. I've hongwu definition heard of it before. You don't need to care about what they say. They also insist Kimono came from China. Can you agree with that?

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I don't believe the majority of Chinese think like that. I hope so. China, Japan, and Korea are very close countries culturally and geographically. I can't say each country has been developed alone but influencing each hongwu definition is one thing and copying culture is another. Besides, trying to steal something that doesn't belong to them is nothing but crime and also silly.

But i do believe that Hongwu definition was originated form ancient China because I found a lot of evidence to prove that.

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Here are some evidence I found. Please have a look.

hongwu definition

Our costumes and relics conformed hongwu definition Song. The kingdom system and structure adopted from Ming. What do you think about that? I believe the Kimono originated from Hanbok but I won't tell you you should believe this. We have a right to believe what we want to believe but we don't have click right definitipn hongwu definition people what we believe. I don't know how much you know about Hanbok and why you are obsessed with this issue.

Anyway, the evidence you said is not about Hanbok. Hanbok means Clothes of Korea and also the specific style of Korean traditional costume.

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And that is just evidence of influence each other I said before. I believe you are educated enough to distinguish between them. Besides, that era, in ancient Korea, we didn't wear Hanbok you can see these days. Whatever hongwu definition was, it was disappeared.

hongwu definition

If you wonder, it would be a nice choice to search for what we wore that time.]

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