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With that in mind, my colleague and I zipped down to Icebar, eager to see how this new gelato cafe-bar in Hougang Green Shopping Mall, fared against others of its kind. At first glance, this dessert looked like a messy affair, drizzled generously with chocolate sauce. My ideal waffles are crispy on the outside, and fluffy within. Although I expected a buttery fragrance, these waffles sported a nutty sweetness that threw me off. They also turned soggy quickly, soaking up the melted gelato and chocolate sauce. It was also missing the caramel notes, and crunchy peanuts found in a Snickers bar. ice br.

Though tourism in took a hit thanks to the COVID pandemic, looks to be a break-out summer. What better place to do it than Sin City? Summer in Las Vegas can be a thrilling adventure. It helps to know what to do.

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Read on to learn all about the ie things to do in Las Vegas this year. Hit the pool! Vegas pool season starts in mid-March and lasts until October and November. Each big casino on the strip has at least two. Ice br a cabana and lounge poolside during the hot days with a cold, frozen drink. For the more adventurous adults, try one of the ice br topless pools.

Whether for family or adult fun, the pool is the first place you should be during summer in Vegas.

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Gambling built Las Ice br. Though Las Vegas offers plenty of activities, what would a trip be without hitting the casino? There are the glitz and the glamour of the Strip casinos. Spend a night on Fremont Street exploring the older side of Las Vegas. Take a trip into Las Vegas past by spending a few hours at the El Cortez. The best part? The slot machines still pay in quarters! Indulge Las Vegas is known for gambling. These are the days to stay indoors and explore the ice br Las Vegas attraction.

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Ice br dining. Eating your way through Vegas is a challenge for even the biggest appetite. There are fine dining steakhouses, burger joints, and gourmet pizza shops in the Strip casinos. Take a spin downtown for a classic Las Vegas prime rib dinner and cherries jubilee for dessert.

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Then there are the buffets with piles of crab legs, lobster, and shrimp. Even the pickiest ice br can find an incredible meal in Las Vegas. Hit an Icebar When the Las Vegas weather hits its fever pitch, even the pool might be too hot.

Looking for a place to cool off during the days of sweltering heat?

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Everything is made of ice. That includes the bar itself, the seats, and the glasses! What better way to beat the heat than in a bar crafted entirely of ice? Day Trip You could spend months in Las Vegas and not see everything the city offers.

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A little further out is Joshua Tree National Park. Hike all day and then head back to the hotel and soak in the hot tub.

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Hit the Links Everybody has their version of a perfect Las Vegas day. These are all fun activities.]

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