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Impacts of the french revolution impacts of the french revolution

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Ushered in the Age of Revolutions Abolition of Feudalism The National Assembly made the formal announcement of the end of feudalism on August 4, Abolition of Feudalism came along the French Revolution, which ended the old rules, feudal dues, and taxes levied. The abolishment of Feudalism did not directly affect the ownership of land or rents, but it was crucial to the property rights. Many other rights, like hunting rights, labour services, and property rights, were also lmpacts.

impacts of the french revolution

The National Assembly edited the old rule of law which included various Articles such as : The right to maintain shelter for pigeons is abolished, for the fixed seasons by the community pigeons will be kept restricted in some places. All the citizens are equally eligible to apply for any jobs or work in any office. All the professions will be open to everyone, and no business shall imply any derogation.

With the royal family proving themselves enemies of the revolution, the little control over events that King Louis still held was gone. After finding his plots with foreign nations, King Louis was impacts of the french revolution and executed on January 21, Robespierre was the main person of the Revolutionary Government. He called for changes of every kind and also demanded universal suffrage and end to slavery In the French West Indies, Robespierre railed most passionately against the death penalty and wanted to discard all remnants of the medieval past. Changed Land ownership In the Middle age, peasants were kept dependent upon the land and their lord.

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They were supposed to pay taxes which was Tithes one-tenth of their annual earnings. With the French Revolution, Manorialism — which was the major part of Feudalism and taxes were abolished. Most parts of France was engaged in agriculture, and the abolition of the taxes made the lives of peasants easier. The French Revolution was able to impacrs a new era in land reformation history.

The reform ended the bias feudal tenures, freed people from serfdom, cancelled payments which were not based on real property and abolished feudal courts.

impacts of the french revolution

Inall the lands of Clergy, Political Impactd, and Common Land were auctioned and sold due to the rise in the class of landowners who supported Napoleon. During the French Revolution, the Censiers and serfs were made owners, and the new regime was able to win the support of

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It was able to reinforce individual and private ownership. The Catholic Church collected Tithes of the annual earnings and taxes from the people there.

impacts of the french revolution

During the French Revolution, destruction of the French Catholic Church along with turning out of the nuns and the priests was done. Levies and taxes were abolished, and some leaders were executed, and some exiled.]

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