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Situated near Ravi river. Indus Valley Civilisation is one of the four earliest civilisations of the world and contemporary to the Mesopotamian or Sumerian, Egyptian, and Chinese civilization. Indus Valley civilisation is also called Harapan civilisation because Harapan was the first site to be excavated in under the supervision of Daya Ram sahani. The Great Bath Mohenjodaro was used for religious bathing. There were changing rooms alongside. Six granaries in a row were found in the Citadel at Harappa. Well-knit external and internal trade. The barter system was prevalent. The Seal of Pashupati depicts elephant, tiger, rhinoceros and buffalo. Two deers appear at the feet of Pashupati. indus river valley society.

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Indus Valley civilization - World history indus river valley society

The Indus Valley civilization was an ancient civilization located in the north-western region of the Indian subcontinent. The civilization is famous for its large and well-planned cities.


Over 1, cities and settlements have been found. Most of these are small, but amongst them are some of the largest cities of their time, especially Harappa and Mohenjo-daro.

indus river valley society

Settlements which were closely related to the core civilization — and may have been colonies of it — have been found in Afghanistan and central Asia. The huge Indus river system waters a rich agricultural landscape. The Insus plain is surrounded by high mountains, desert and ocean, and at that time dense forest to the east.

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The early phase of sociefy civilization lasted from circa BC until BC. This saw farming settlements grow into large and sophisticated urban centres. The quality of municipal town planning indicates that these communities were controlled by efficient governments. These clearly placed a high priority on accessibility to water. Modern scholars tend to see in this the influence of a religion which places a string emphasis on ritual washing — much like modern Hinduism.

Hygiene was also important to the inhabitants.

indus river valley society

Within the city, people obtained water from wells. Within their homes, some rooms had facilities in which wociety water was directed to covered drains. These lined the major streets. These ancient Indus sewerage and drainage systems were far in advance of anything found in contemporary urban sites in the Middle East.]

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