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Responding to the following questions will help you write a critical reflection: 1. What skill did you demonstrate in your videorecording? Why is this skill important in engaging with a client? Identify the strengths of your demonstration. Are there any ways you could improve your demonstration of this skill? How will you improve your practice? Reflection is more than just thinking about an experience. Critical reflection must be an analysis that examines meaning and relationships and is not merely a description of events. You will need to develop a very basic case scenario in order to demonstrate a skill on your video recording. Examples will be given in tutorial classes. Interview reflection interview reflection

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Write a critical reflection on interview skills

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interview reflection

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Part 2: Reflection

Our writers are Masters and PhDs inrerview different universities of the world and they are specialized in their relevant disciplines. A Class Divided explores the nature of prejudice. Third grade teacher Jane Elliott deliberately created a classroom situation to teach her students how it feels to be on the receiving end of discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr. This classic classroom experiment, interview reflection in the late s in a small Midwestern town, demonstrates how quickly and easily schoolchildren can internalize prejudice and discriminate.

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Years later, these children discuss the valuable lessons they learned from this experiment. Elliott employs this same teaching strategy with a group of adults in the workplace, and discusses their reactions. This assignment is designed to allow interview reflection to synthesize what you have been learning about the various dimensions of diversity and the necessity of treating everyone in an inclusive, sensitive and respectful manner. After viewing the video, consider the following questions and write your response.

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Your response should be pages interview reflection should address each question thoroughly, reflecting an accurate representation of what you have learned in this course. Demonstrate scholarship by utilizing supporting resources to justify your ideas and responses:. For Part II of this assignment, you will have a conversation with someone who you feel intervlew have faced discrimination. Examples include someone with a disability, an older American, someone who is a sexual minority, or someone who lives in a multicultural family.]

interview reflection

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