Is there scientific evidence of a soul -

Is there scientific evidence of a soul - really

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How to Choose Your Dog’s Probiotics

Robert Spitzerthe inter-galactically smart Jesuit, who once served as president scintific Gonzaga University and who now directs the Magis Center on matters of faith, reason, and science. Taylor observes that, prior toalmost everyone believed in God and held that life would be meaningless apart from some reference to goods lying beyond our ordinary experience. But today, at least in the West, one can find armies of people who both deny God and affirm that the goods of this world are to make us happy.

This buffered existence makes evangelization nearly impossible, for it closes a listener to the proposal that true fulfillment and God are tightly linked together. By the sheer accumulation of evidence from this wide variety of sources, he punches hole after hole in the buffer that surrounds the modern self.

is there scientific evidence of a soul

First, Spitzer draws our attention to the remarkably universal sense of the transcendent described by philosophers, mystics, and evidene across time and cultures. Limiting ourselves to some key Western figures, Rudolf Otto, for example, speaks of the experience of the mysterium tremendum et fascinans the mystery at the same time fearsome and compelling.

is there scientific evidence of a soul

This numinous reality overwhelms us and simultaneously draws us into itself, and in its presence we intuit that we are more than physical, that there is a dimension of ourselves that links us to the realm where this mysterious reality dwells. A second major connection to the transcendent is in the very dynamic of human knowing, an idea articulated by myriad philosophers across the centuries—Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Newman, etc.

Lonergan maintained that each particular act of knowing takes place within the heuristic context of what can be further is there scientific evidence of a soul. In any field of intellectual endeavor, every answered question gives rise to a dozen more questions, precisely because the mind is never satisfied with anything less than total knowledge. But this is none read more than the unconditioned reality, that which is utterly real, for a conditioned thing, by definition, would beg the question of its own existence and hence would not be utterly intelligible.

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If these last two arguments seem too abstract, consider a third route of access that Spitzer presents, namely, the phenomenon of near death experience. Such experiences have been studied carefully for more info past forty years, and most of us are well aware of their characteristics: moving out of the body and therw its surroundings clearly, passing through walls and ceilings, following a tunnel toward a bright light radiating love and compassion, often meeting deceased loved ones along the way. Those who have had such experiences usually swear by them and remain utterly convinced that there is a dimension of the self that survives physical death.]

is there scientific evidence of a soul

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