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John locke strengths - think

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John locke strengths - think, that

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John Locke Essay Competition Results

Locke believed that in order to satisfy people's own needs they must first satisfy the needs of john locke strengths. He wanted other to realize that to receive affection lcoke must first give it to others. They began to come to Hester for guidance with their problems and sorrows. Instead of seeing her as nothing but sin they started to admire her strength and ability to provide for herself and Pearl. Hawthorne …show more content… The conflicts they had internally as well as against others helped shape the idea that God may not control every aspect in one's destiny that logic and reasoning should be applied to discover the truth.

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Also that it is individuals own doings that may affect their life. Locke's ideas were used to shape the nation from moving away from theology in the way that he thought men should take action and not wait for God to intervene.

john locke strengths

A message Locke wanted to portray was that men should make sure to maintain the balance of peace but still value the presence of God, without relying heavily upon him. Hester and Proctor were characters that helped shape the coming era through realizing god wasn't on their side all of the john locke strengths and they had to fix what they had done themselves.

john locke strengths

This mindset helped spread across the nation and people started gaining the mentality that logic was better than just relying on faith. The enlightenment period helped start a movement for people to do their own thing but with reasoning behind their admirations to do.]

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