Largest oil spill in history -

Largest oil spill in history - can

Home » Misc. Our world economy is dependent on fossil fuels, oil in particular. For some people, their survival depends on having a supply at their disposal. If something goes wrong, as it has several times, the oil will spill out and the results will be disasterous. Source: NOAA. The Amoco Cadiz was a tanker carrying over 1. largest oil spill in history

As history shows, there have been some truly dreadful oil spills over the years, accidents that have had catastrophic consequences for ecosystems on land and at sea. Click through the following gallery and be reminded of the grim roll-call that is some of the world's worst oil spills. A "state of emergency" has been declared in Mauritius after a ship that ran aground near the shore began spilling tonnes of oil.

Huge quantities of diesel and oil are now leaking into the water and threatening the environment and local wildlife. Fortunately, wildlife workers and largest oil spill in history have carried dozens of baby tortoises and rare plants from Ile aux Aigrettes, an island near to the spill, to the mainland to protect them, reports the BBC. Mauritius has called on France for assistance in refloating the ship and averting an environmental disaster.


The largest accidental oil spill in US history happened during the early days of the oil boom, in Kern County, California. Drilling commenced largest oil spill in history the Midway-Sunset Oil Field, where natural gas and a small amount of oil was expected to be found. Instead, drill workers punctured a pressurized oil well, triggering an eruption of crude oil that lasted for 18 months. Crews worked twenty-four-seven to contain the blowout, building sandbag dams to contain the spill pictured. A series of dykes was able to contain the river of crude oil. However, successive attempts to cap the geyser all failed, and an estimated 9 million barrels of oil defaced the landscape.

The eruption ceased only when the well collapsed on itself, leaving a crater in the desert surrounded by oil, which eventually seeped into the ground.

Inglewood Oil Field spill leaks over a thousand gallons

As part of a scorched earth policy while retreating from US-led coalition forces in Kuwait inIraqi military forces set fire to over oil wells. Kuwait's deserts were soaked in oil while smoke from the fires affected weather patterns throughout the Persian Gulf and surrounding region. Smoke from the burning wells caused a dramatic decrease in air quality, and soldiers on the ground without gas masks were soon suffering from respiratory problems. The Kuwaiti oil fires were not just limited hiistory burning oil wells.

Essays Related To Oil Spill in Santa Barbara (January 28, 1969)

Burning "oil lakes" also contributed to the smoke plumes, particularly the sootiest and blackest of them. Winds fanned the smoke from the lakes along the eastern largest oil spill in history of the Arabian Peninsula, where it reached Dhahran and Riyadh, and countries such as Bahrain. The smoke filled skies and carbon soot rain fallout caused respiratory problems for many Kuwaitis and those in neighboring countries. At one point, an estimated leak of 1, barrels of oil a day was being discarded into the gulf. A ribbon of oil is seen in the water on May 4,near the Chandeleur Islands.]

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