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mesopotamian civilization summary.

Declaring a Surprise War only counts as a Formal War for the purposes of Grievances and warmongering. Catherine de Medici Black Queen.

mesopotamian civilization summary

Catherine de Medici Magnificence. Eleanor of Aquitaine England. Unique Ability. Cyrus looks for juicy opportunities to expand his empire with quick strike surprise wars. Once captured, this new territory can be rapidly integrated into the Persian network of cities connected by a highly efficient road network.

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Detailed Approach. Persia is at its strongest when it can build a tightly consolidated empire. Their bonuses to internal Mesopotamian civilization summary Routes make such an empire lucrative. Their Immortal unit and enhanced road network allow them to rapidly deploy effective defense forces against any threat. With Culture bonuses from internal trade and the Pairidaeza, the Persians should be at or near the lead in civics in most games. It is only when Cyrus needs source expand this empire that he wants to strike outside this shell.

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Given his bonuses in surprise wars, watch out if you are bordering Persia! Historical Context.

mesopotamian civilization summary

According to the tales, Astyages was convinced by repeated dreams that his grandson would someday overthrow him. Since power was thicker than blood for the Median king, he summoned his pregnant daughter and insisted the child be killed as soon as it was born.

The task was delegated to click here shepherd, Mithradates, who did not kill the infant Cyrus and instead raised him as one of his own sons. Astyages was right to be concerned by his grandson. Like his predecessors, Cyrus was forced to recognize Median overlordship … at least until a surprise attack against his grandfather in BCE. Rallying the tribes—including mesopotamian civilization summary Achaemenian relations of his wife Cassandane—Cyrus defeated the Medians in several pitched battles, eventually capturing the capital at Ecbatana in BCE. The conquest of Media was only the start of Cyrus's bloodshed. mesopotamian civilization summary

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Cyrus levied troops from throughout his lands and fought Lydian forces to stalemate at Pteira. He next attacked the Lydian capital at Sardis, where he routed the vaunted Lydian cavalry by putting camels in the front lines. According to Herodotus, Cyrus spared Croesus and made him a trusted advisor—but the 'Nabonidus Chronicle' disagreed, claiming Cyrus double-crossed the fallen king and had him slain. The Babylonians were routed, Nabonidus fled, and Cyrus negotiated a truce, thus entering Sippar unopposed. Reaching Babylon, Cyrus used an existing great ditch to divert the Euphrates and walk his troops across the riverbed. They invaded the city at night against meager defenders and "detained" Nabonidus. The 'Nabonidus Chronicles' said he was exiled and allowed to live out his life in nearby Carmania, where Cyrus could keep an eye on him. Having added fallen Babylonia to his now extensive holdings, Cyrus also acquired various pieces of its empire in Syria, Judea, and Mesopotamian civilization summary. Although some historians and other wishful thinkers have asserted that the cylinder represents an early form of human rights charter, most scholars portray it in the context of the long-standing Mesopotamian tradition of new rulers beginning their reign with declarations of largesse mesopotamian civilization summary just click for source, especially after the fall of an unpopular king.

mesopotamian civilization summary

Cyrus spent his last years putting the Achaemenid dynasty on a sound footing. To avoid unrest in newly conquered lands, he allowed most nobles to become government officials and gave them equal status with Persian nobility. Cyrus mesopotamian civilization summary built a series of fortified towns along the eastern borders to protect his empire from the nomads of Central Asia, and formed a streamlined central government at his capital at Mesopotamian civilization summary which administered the regions through local elders. In short, he successfully organized the vast territory he had conquered into something resembling an empire. The details of Cyrus's passing vary. According to Herodotus whose tales are largely just thata backstabbing Cyrus met his fate at the hands of the warrior-queen Tomyris of the Scythians. That theory of his death is recounted in Tomyris's Civilopedia entry. Ctesias, even less reliable than Herodotus, wrote in his 'Persica' that Cyrus was killed while putting down resistance from the Derbices.]

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