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O n April 6, the German armed forces launched a new volunteer service with the controversial title Heimatschutz meaning protection of the homeland or the national heritage.

Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

The new volunteer service will start nazi germany propaganda recruits, but it has already received more than 9, applications. The program is designed to train forces for domestic crises and disaster operations, such as those currently needed in the coronavirus pandemic. The service consists of seven months of military training followed by various reservist assignments that are spread over the course of six years.

nazi germany propaganda

In the first year, 1, men and women are to be trained. German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said many young people want to commit themselves to the country, making the number of applicants significantly higher than expected. Heimat is a word that is meant to nazi germany propaganda link than just denote territorial integrity—it evokes a sense of nxzi and homeliness. Certain landscapes, certain foods or certain traditional clothing might be associations for nationalistically minded Germans when they hear Heimat.

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It is a word that is supposed to swell the German heart. The word used to have darker connotations, and it was likely to make Germans of the postwar generations roll their eyes. The Nazi regime linked Heimat to the nazi germany propaganda, which meant that many politicians avoided the word—along with its adjective derivation, heimisch —after World War ii.

Propagganda, in particular, harkens back to the cruelty of the Nazi regime. Protecting the homeland was a crucial part of Nazi propaganda.

nazi germany propaganda

Today, the refugee crisis has aroused in many far-right groups a strong sense of wanting to protect the homeland from foreign intrusion. Some may argue that there is nothing wrong with going on the offensive to recapture the term Heimat.

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Our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire explains:. In his book [ Watcher on the Rhine ], Brian Connell sums up the ridiculous situation that developed after World War ii.

nazi germany propaganda

So much for cleansing itself of the Nazi virus!]

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