Negative effects of procrastination on college students -

Negative effects of procrastination on college students

Negative effects of procrastination on college students Video

Tackling Procrastination: Is procrastination actually a problem?

Negative effects of procrastination on college students - with you

A year after our national response to the COVID pandemic pushed us into a nearly complete virtual existence, our leaders — including those in our educational institutions — must now help students mitigate the inevitable, harmful ramifications of digital life those same leaders have warned of for years. Underneath lies a rising mental health toll, impacting people of all demographics, especially students, that will persist post-pandemic. As a third-year student, I am now facing those repercussions. Warnings that excessive time online can contribute to a slew of mental health consequences have been at the forefront of health education for more than a decade. Extensive research has revealed that increased screen time significantly reduces attention span, ability to focus, sleep quality and time for positive activities. These consequences have been linked to more troubling long-term effects , including depression, social isolation, poor stress regulation and habits echoing drug addiction. Now, the lines between academic, professional and personal life have become nearly indistinguishable, and digital time management is no longer a choice. Virtual existence is increasingly overwhelming and exhausting — just as we have been warned. negative effects of procrastination on college students.

Most people who are depressed have a hard time being productive.

negative effects of procrastination on college students

It drains us, leaves us feeling as bad as before, physically worn out and emotionally depleted, instead of proud of ourselves and invigorated. Other people with depression seem to work very hard all the time, but there is little payoff for their efforts.

negative effects of procrastination on college students

And as with so many chicken-or-egg situations, we face a false dichotomy: the truth is, poor work habits and depression reinforce each other. Depressed people tend to be great procrastinators.

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Procrastinators have some big false assumptions about how work works. They assume that really productive people are always in a positive, energetic frame of mind that lets them jump right into piles of paper and quickly do what needs to be done, only emerging when the task is accomplished.

negative effects of procrastination on college students

On the contrary, motivation follows action instead of the other way around. Work comes first, and then comes the positive frame of mind.

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Closely allied to this misunderstanding about motivation is the idea that things should be easy. But again, most people who are really successful assume that there are going to be hard times, frustrations, and setbacks along the way. See my page on developing greater willpower. We can always tell ourselves we would have netative it better if. The paradigm is the college term paper rushed together in a furious all-nighter.

The student protects himself from the risk of exposing his best work by never having the time to do it right.

Breaking Bad Habits: You Can Do It

This allows him to protect his fantasied sense of himself as special and uniquely gifted. Research has shown that the more perfectionistic a depressed person is, tsudents worse his chances of recovery. Trying so hard to make every single little piece of a project perfect, we doom ourselves to disappointment and frustration. You can make chains that help you get a lot of work done.]

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