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Youtube Poop: Obama Sh!ts in the Gulf on National Television

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obama ytp

While I'm all for looking at opposing viewpoints and taking information from obama ytp sides, I find this lady's information", voice, look, personality, all very condescending, annoying and very hard to digest. April 20, at am Reply Played a game where everytime she wasn't funny you take a shot. P sty goduk hammerrred April 20, at am Reply Yeah, who is Samantha Bee April 20, at am Reply She obama ytp me that my heart burn isn't that bad. April 20, at am Reply I miss audio wade.

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Where is he at these days? April 20, obama ytp am Reply Sooooo obam she is awful April 20, at am Reply Steven Crowder and his crew are an amazing group of people. Keeping it real, representing the minority who are capable of logical, fact based thinking, capable of having a civil debate. How have we let the extremists take over everything? April 20, obama ytp am Reply YouTube has such a search bias when it comes to anything conservative.

obama ytp

April 20, at am Reply seasonstudios I doubt she would ever come on your show because she would be afraid of being accused obama ytp fraternizing with "the enemy" and also she wouldn't be prepared at all. It's one thing to pick apart and change media bites to fit a narrative that might make you look like you know something but it's ttp totally different thing when you need to back up with facts.

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Obama ytp like Bee like to use the word "facts" in a sentence without ever using facts. This gives the dumbed down audience the illusion that facts were actually used and if she can put a comic sting in the sentence it makes the audience say "right on man! April 20, at am Reply Samantha Bee is an atrocity April obama ytp, at am Reply Does anyone actually think she is funny? She yto a career on lying April 20, at am Reply Totally agree with you on this talentless http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/why-do-cosmetic-for-our-business-which/water-crisis-quotes.php skank. Disgustingly left!!

obama ytp

April 20, at am Reply.]

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