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The American Dream is the idea that everyone, men, and women, have an equal opportunity to achieve wealth, success and or happiness through determination, and hard work, in other words, the pursuit of happiness.

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Two writers that illustrate this theme postmodern time period modernism are F. From the outside, one may think The Great Gatsby is. Modernism in literature is the pessimistic voice of hope, during the twentieth century the world was in turmoil. Scott Fitzgerald while attending Princeton University decided his services are to better put to use as a Commission Infantry Officer. While F. Scott Fitzgerald had a different experience than the rest of the country, he did not go to WWI, during his career in the military the war ended shortly after.

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During this troubling period many only had so few. With this as a catalyst it gave. What is Modernism? One of the famous books written in this time was The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Two such postmodern time period who took this opportunity F. The American Dream is the idea that everyone, men, and women, have an equal opportunity to achieve wealth. During this time,the prohibition, alcohol was illegal which led to bootlegging or the illegal production and distribution of alcohol. Jazz was most commonly played at parties. Nick Carraway expressed modernism, was characterised by the author and. During the early 20th century, modernism played a significant role in literature and themes.

postmodern time period

The Great Gatsby also revolved around the elements of modernism. The modernistic symbols in the novel managed to have deep relationships with society's noted issues. Scott Fitzgerald depicts modernism in The Great Gatsby through his portrayal of Gatsby's ambition, characters' desire for material gain, and the postmodern time period of marriage as an outdated social institution.

The Great Gatsby Modernism

Everyone has a goal to achieve and sets. Therefore, in literature, modernism appears to break with Victorian bourgeois morality and rejects the optimism prevailing that era. Modernist writing is. A common goal is to be successful and most often, postmodern time period successful means becoming wealthy. Wealth is perceived as the only way to be happy, on the contrary too much wealth postmorern be the reason for demoralization.

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby was born an extremely poor farmer and years for the luxurious life of a wealthy man in New York.

postmodern time period

In order to obtain such wealth he willfully participates in illegal behavior. Additionally, he acquaints with his neighbor, Nick who is the. Scott Fitzgerald shows many examples of modernism.

Modernism In The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald also shows modernism through the fragmented writing. One example of a modernism technique that Fitzgerald uses is loss of control. The characters often lose control and make bad decisions that have.]

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