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Last time we talked Mike you were in the studio. You had braved the sleet and the snow and the ice and made it into the studio at 5 a.

pronounce leahy

Sparks: Yes sir I had a great time and I got stuck out front on music row for just a few minutes. Leahy laughs But I appreciate you having me in. I had a great time. Leahy: Yeah, it was a lot of fun.

pronounce leahy

Tell us about what you want to do here. A lot of folks at first glance may not think this is important. You see a lot of things that get leajy the news and sometimes I just shake my head at some pronounce leahy the things that the media covers. But I see the media a lot of time stirring up the pot trying to create a race war.

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Trying to create so many problems. But I see the false narratives. I see what I call the agenda-setting theory. And I just start talking about history.

pronounce leahy

And I talked about John Newton who was a pronounce leahy slave ship captain. He had a redemptive story, a powerful story of redemption. And he influenced the lawmaker named William Wilberforce in Great Britain and they fought tirelessly to end slavery.

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But was kind of cool and this is what I call this a God thing. You just go to YouTube channel five and you pronounce leahy probably pull them up. He comes up with two frat brothers. And I said well, I would think so.


He said it was created by abolitionists. He said can I be your intern can I work for you as an intern? It was an odd question from the protester and I was like, yeah, let me check on this.]

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