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Is there no way for us to come together, hungry and seeking God, so that revival and an outpouring of the Spirit comes with miracles and healing? Can we not pray in one accord for the sake of the lost and against evil in high places? Do our arguments about doctrine quench the Spirit? Im not saying they always do but its something to think about. Its hard to pray and argue at the same time.

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University Religious Forum : Building Inter Faith Friendships 11/19/2015

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation designed to make people question their own perception or judgment, and they are unable to come to sensible conclusions. One death is too many. My sincere sympathies. The globalists openly discuss their plans for world domination, yet so many believers, as well as their pastors, remain oblivious to the sinister agenda of these elite power brokers. First, an almost unwritten rule of discussion is to avoid at all costs the conversational taboos of religion and politics. Lastly, you The darkness over the land while Jesus bore our sin was an indicator that the cross was a place of divine judgment. Astronomical records indicate that the sun and moon were Religous forums religous forums.

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Please note there is a new rule regarding the posting religous forums videos. It reads, "Post a summary of the videos you post. An exception can be made for music videos.

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Unless you are simply religous forums music, please post a summary, or the gist, of the video you wish to share. CF Staff, Angels and Ambassadors; ask that you join us in praying for religous forums world in this difficult time, asking our Holy Father to stop the spread of the virus, and for healing of all affected. We are no longer allowing posts or threads that deny the existence of Covid Members have lost loved ones to this virus and are grieving.

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As a Christian site, we do not need to add to religous forums pain of the loss by allowing posts that deny the existence of the virus that killed their loved one. Future post denying the Covid existence, calling it a hoax, will be addressed via the warning system.]

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