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Strange sexuality

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strange sexuality

Xper 6 8 d I've been with 7 women in my life and two loved doing that. If I think it might happen I make myself as clean as I possibly can. An enema will help.

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I absolutely love for a woman to do that. The one woman in particular I was seexuality a relationship for over a year and she did that three to four times a week and sometimes for hours. I knew it was going to happen when she started to talk about how strange sexuality my ass was. I'd sneak into the bathroom and take a shower strange sexuality use an enema and 45 minutes I'd be ready.

strange sexuality

Some times it was all night. The longest she didn't for over 12 hours.

strange sexuality

Another occasion I fell asleep from her doing that then woke up the next morning and she was till doing it and I would describe it as better than sex and we had some amazing sex. I don't know what she got out of it but if there is a heaven then strange sexuality is having a long tongue up your ass licking forever.]

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