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Narcissistic relationships and the Stroop effect stroop effect psychology definition

A large number of studies, including single case and case series studies, have shown that patients with different types of frontotemporal dementia FTD are characterized by the emergence of artistic abilities.

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This led to the hypothesis of enhanced creative thinking skills as a function of these pathological conditions. Moreover, only a few studies analyzed specific creative skills, such as divergent thinking DTby standardized tests. Results showed that DT abilities both verbal and figural are altered in different ways according to stroop effect psychology definition specific anatomical and functional changes associated with the diverse forms of FTD.

On the one hand, patients affected by the behavioral form of FTD can produce many ideas because of unimpaired access to memory stores i. On the other hand, patients affected by the semantic variant are impaired also in terms of fluency because of the degradation of their semantic memory store.

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Potential implications, limitations, and future research drfinition are discussed. One of the clinical entities associated with FTLD is frontotemporal dementia FTDa neurodegenerative disorder that expresses itself with different clinical presentations Gossye et al. In particular, corresponding to the focal pattern of anatomical alterations, patients with FTD develop specific focal cognitive and behavioral deficits, which have led to evidence of several variants of FTD Viskontas and Miller, ; Gorno-Tempini et al. Table 1.

stroop effect psychology definition

Interestingly, artistic creativity i. In addition, previous research assessed mostly patients' artistic productions instead of their creative cognition skills by standardized tests such as divergent thinking DT tasks. This means that the extent to which FTD patients are capable to express actual creativity has to be still demonstrated.

stroop effect psychology definition

DT is not a synonym of creativity Piffer, ; Runco and Jaeger,but it was assumed to lie at the heart of creative thinking Runco and Acar, ; Jauk, DT relies on the ability to answer in a fluent produce many relevant responsesflexible consider different categoriesoriginal produce stroop effect psychology definition ideasand elaborate embellish ideas with details way to open-ended questions Guilford, ]

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