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16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Survivor Advocates For Forgiveness the bombing of birmingham church

The bombing of birmingham church - consider

On April 19, we will commemorate—as well we should—the twenty-sixth anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. But April 19 is also the anniversary of another consequential, albeit lesser known, bombing: On that date in , a bomb went off at the home of Alexander Looby, the Black lawyer representing students and other activists arrested in sit-ins aimed at integrating downtown Nashville. Looby and his family survived, but the bomb blew out windows at a nearby medical college. The sit-ins had been going on for several weeks. Leaders of the movement, brought together by the Rev. The bombing of birmingham church

Social justice activist says we must recognize history's harm and take action.

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When Fania Davis was 15 and growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, she lost two close friends in the September bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four the bombing of birmingham church Black girls and injured more than 20 other congregants. Those experiences led Davis to dedicate herself to fighting for social and racial justice in America. The time is ripe for restorative justice, which seeks to heal conflict caused by crime, rather than perpetuating further harm, she added. In her minute talk, Davis described her journey from Birmingham where she grew up with sister Angela Davis, the political activist and scholar to her work with the Black Panthers, the decades spent adjudicating in the courtroom and her read article for healing energies.

the bombing of birmingham church

In restoring herself, she also embraced restorative justice. I could be both. Though she is now retired from it, Davis founded and directed Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth RJOYwhich works to use restorative justice in schools and juvenile courts.

Davis spoke of the importance of honoring indigenous people, the urgent need to overhaul the criminal justice system and the responsibility of higher education institutions, particularly land-grant universities, to rectify historical ills. She sees glints of progress. Bomging honoring slave traders have fallen. Systemic racism is now a household term.

the bombing of birmingham church

Colleges and universities are birimngham their pasts and ways to repay the harmed. At the outset of her address, Davis led her audience in a few minutes of mindful exercise. When she was done, she said something that set the tone for the rest of her talk:. Those interested can register online. Search Search Search.


Looking ahead, much remains to be done, Davis counseled. UMass Amherst. UMass Boston. UMass Dartmouth. UMass Lowell. UMass Medical.]

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