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The personality theories - regret, but

This section must be 3 pages in length in which you are to develop your own theory of personality that focuses on not what personality is, but rather how personality develops. You may draw upon the theories covered in this course, but the ultimate theory should be an original one that is unique to your viewpoints. This section will be graded based on the quality of the theory and arguments that support it. Make sure to point out how your theory is different from other theories. Your theory should take account of existing research, make sense of your own observations, and include testable not necessarily proven predictions. Some examples of areas you may include are:. In reviewing the various theories of personality, apply the following questions to each theory. Comparing your own thinking on the underlying issues with the positions of the various theories can assist you in developing a frame of reference for your individual personality theory. Under no circumstances should you restate and answer the questions to submit for this section. the personality theories The personality theories

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Personality Theory Case Study: Traits Critical Evaluation

Lost password? Case study 2 material: NM is a manager of a new start-up tech company.

the personality theories

Further, she is looking to expand her business. NM is interested in using personality testing to inform a recruitment drive for two new department managers. Managers are responsible for working and thinking strategically.

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Sometimes they make tough decisions, in order to advance a business and get the most out of their team. NM has read about several different psychological trait theories of personality. NM is interested in testing her shortlisted candidates on some or all of the following personality traits.

the personality theories

Further, she feels it is important that managers score highly: conscientiousness, sensing, extraversion, openness, thinking, emotional stability, tough-mindedness, and self-sufficiency. Based on the above case study scenario, you should choose ONE personality theory of your choice that is relevant to the case study.

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Apply and critically evaluate this theory in relation to the case study scenario. In your answer, you should focus on only some of the traits mentioned in the question, so that you have space to give an in-depth answer. Your critical evaluation should address, for example, the strengths, limitations, advantages, disadvantages, and ethical considerations of your chosen theory; in relation to the case study scenario.

You could consider e. Use research and academic sources throughout to support your answer. The personality theories general standard structure of an academic essay is: Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion, References.

the personality theories

You can assume that the reader knows the content of the case study you provide. You may focus on one explanation and then bring in other possible explanations as part persoality your critical analysis, or you might choose to focus on two or three and stick to comparing and contrasting these within the essay.]

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