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THE LIVES OF THE FOUR CALIPHS (EXCLUSIVE FULL UNEDITED) the rightly guided caliphs The rightly guided caliphs

If he adopts a Sharia rule, this rule alone becomes the Sharia rule that must be acted upon and it becomes a binding law that every citizen must obey openly and privately.

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The following has been reproduced from Caliphate1. In such a case, all the people are obliged [to fast], because all the towns with respect to him the Caliph are as one town, since his verdict is binding upon everyone.

the rightly guided caliphs

To insist rihhtly one way, as some Islamic groups do, in the absence of a caliphal authority that resolves disputes, comes from a shallow understanding of the lawfulness of difference of opinion in Islam. He argues that it is perfectly natural for there to be differences of interpretation of texts and that the correct way is to accept this difference with adab and civility.

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In other words, there is no problem in having differences as long as it is based on a sincere reading of the Islamic sources of law. Listen to a full podcast on this subject below courtesy of The Thinking Muslim. Share this:.]

the rightly guided caliphs

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