The tulsa race riots -

the tulsa race riots

Post Civil War history Tulsa Greenwood race riots Paper details How did the Tulsa race massacre change the trajectory and view of African American success in not only Greenwood but around the Nation?

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In the process of writing this paper you will learn and then demonstrate the essential skills of the historian: defining a research question, gathering evidence, interpreting sources, and articulating an original argument about the significance of your findings. You will have homework assignments throughout the second half of the semester the tulsa race riots help you prepare for this paper, which will be a part of your final grade. The paper must be submitted via the assignment link on Canvas no later than p.

the tulsa race riots

After you quote, always explain: tell your reader what the implications are that might not be obvious and try to imagine how someone might not agree with your reading of the material and the quotation. See the online tutorial. Structure: As your paragraphs begin to emerge from this process of working the evidence, unify each the tulsa race riots with a topic sentence, and arrange them in a sequence that builds toward your strongest claims.

the tulsa race riots

Your finished essay should thus feature a clearly sign-posted order as it advances from the introduction through your body paragraphs and, finally, to your conclusion. Citations should include properly formatted footnotes that use Chicago Style. The paper should be double-spaced and typed in point font with one-inch margins and page numbers.


the tulsa race riots

Students should consult the Chicago Manual of Style as they compose footnotes.]

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