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Saving Private Ryan/Best scene/Steven Spielberg/Tom Sizemore/Tom Hanks/Edward Burns/Matt Damon tom sizemore saving private ryan quotes

Comedic improvisation can lead to some great laughs, but it can also at times be a way around having a great script.

tom sizemore saving private ryan quotes

Just hire some funny people and let them fill in all the jokes. A well-known recent example is in Django Unchained where Leonardo DiCaprio accidentally cuts his hand and incorporates his own blood into the scene.

But, let's begin by looking at ideas that did arise on set. The Twin Peaks llama moment was improvised on an animal hospital set when David Lynch found himself captivated by a llama that was initially meant for background work only.

tom sizemore saving private ryan quotes

After the idea came up on set, the shot was framed to best capture the action, and Kyle Maclachlan placed something in his mouth that attracted the llama to ensure the fuzzy animal stopped to look right at him. David Lynch is a master of this kind of improvisation.

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Many iconic Twin Peaks moments are things that he came up with on set, including primary Twin Peaks antagonist Bob who was played by Frank Silva, a set dresser whose look struck Lynch and who subsequently was captured in a mirror by accident. He would go on to become a pivotal part of the entire Twin Peaks mythology.

tom sizemore saving private ryan quotes

I think that this kind of spontaneous idea generation is an integral element of the filmmaking process for Lynch.]

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