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It is not only the human beings who need energy but also all the other animals and plants also require energy. When we breathe in or inhale, then two things happen at the same time. First is, the muscles between the ribs contract causing the rib cage to move upward and outward and second is, the diaphragm contracts and moves downward. The upward and outward movement of the rib cage, as well as the downward movement of the diaphragm, both increases the space in the chest cavity and make it larger. When we breathe out or exhale, even then two things happen at the same time. First is, the muscles between the ribs relax causing the ribcage to move downward and inward and second is, the diaphragm relaxes and moves upward. The downward and inward movement of rib cage, as well as the upward movement of diaphragm, both decreases the space in our chest cavity and make it is smaller. Earthworms and frogs have moist and slimy skin that helps them to absorb the oxygen for respiration. Type of anaerobic respiration

These questions will be helpful to revise the all topics and concepts. CBSE Class 7 extra questions are the most simple and conceptual questions that are prepared by subject experts for the students to study well for the final exams.

Respiration In Organisms Class 7 Science Extra Questions and Answers

By solving these extra questions, students can be very efficient in their exam preparations. Answer: The process of breakdown of glucose with the use of oxygen is called aerobic respiration. Answer: A large, muscular sheet called diaphragm forms the floor of tyep chest cavity. Answer: The end products of anaerobic respiration are alcohol, carbon dioxide and energy. What is produced during anaerobic respiration in muscles that causes cramps? Answer: Lactic acid is produced during anaerobic respiration in muscles that causes cramps.

What are types of breathing:

Answer: The process of breakdown of food in the cell with the release of energy is called cellular respiration. Answer: The number of times a person breathes in a minute is termed as the breathing rate. Answer: Smoking damages lungs. Smoking is also linked to cancer. So, it must be avoided.

type of anaerobic respiration

Answer: Insects have small openings on their body that allow them to breathe. These openings are called spiracles. Answer: We should eat regularly because food has stored energy, which is released during respiration.

type of anaerobic respiration

Answer: Leaves of the plants have tiny pores called stomata for exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Answer: Breathing means taking in air rich in oxygen and giving out type of anaerobic respiration rich in carbon dioxide with the help of respiratory organs. Answer: The taking in of air rich in oxygen into the body is called inhalation and giving out of air rich in carbon dioxide is known as exhalation. Answer: Frogs have a pair of lungs like human beings to breathe air. They can also breathe through their skin, which type of anaerobic respiration moist and slippery. Answer: Animals such as elephants, lions, cows, goats, frogs, lizards, snakes, birds, have lungs in their chest cavities like the human beings. Answer: Mountaineers carry oxygen with them because the amount of air available to a person is less than that available on the ground.

Answer: When we sneeze, we should cover our nose so that the foreign particles we expel are not inhaled by other persons. Answer: Earthworms breathe through their skins. The skin of an earthworm feels moist and slimy on touching. Gases can easily pass through them.

type of anaerobic respiration

What role does hair present in the nasal cavity play in the process of respiration? Answer: When we inhale, the particles get trapped in the hair present in our nasal cavity. Thus, the hairs present in the nasal cavity filters the air. What is normal range of breathing anaeobic per minute in an average adult person at rest? Answer: The cramps occur when muscle type of anaerobic respiration respire anaerobically. The partial breakdown of glucose produces lactic acid.]

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