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The history of Dedham, Massachusetts , — , begins with the first settlers' arrival in and runs to the end of the 17th century. The originally settlers, who built their village on land the native people called Tiot, incorporated the plantation in The sought to build a community in which all would live out Christian love in their daily lives, and for a time did, but the Utopian impulse did not last. The system of government they devised was both "a peculiar oligarchy" and a "a most peculiar democracy. Power and initiative ebbed and flowed between the two bodies. The settlers then undertook the difficult task of establishing a church, drafting its doctrinal base, and selecting a minister. utopian settlement

They began with. This intention awoke in us once we had become convinced that, as far as we are concerned, conditions in Germany, neither now nor in the future will satisfy the demands that we as persons utopian settlement citizens must make of life for ourselves or our children.

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This is since we have become aware that only a life such as utopian settlement possible in the free states of North America can suffice for us and our children. The political situation of that growing state is well known to those who are informed. Lands, especially in the almost immeasurable regions west of the Mississippi, have opened only in the most recent times by the perfection of the means of transportation, lands with which utopian settlement non on earth may be compared for richness and the settlekent of nature.

Swiftly the primeval forests are being cleared, swiftly arise country estates and cities, and the great waters permit the liveliest commerce with all parts of the earth.

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It is our idea that the better part of the many Germans who have decided to emigrate should settle as a group, united as a whole in keeping with the purified and presently existing political form and received into the great federation of states, so that in this utopian settlement the survival of German customs, language, etc. This is our idea, whose execution appears grandiose and desirable, appears to us to be possible and not too difficult.

Utopian settlement treatise went on to provide the major reasons for the creation of their society, their plan and their example foreshadow. To read a translation of the Call and Declaration.

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To see the ship arrival lists. Members of the Giessen Emigration Society. Thanks for sending this Dorris, and all the work that you put into it. Like Like.

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