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More Proof of Paranormal Activity at Malabar Farm? what is paranormal phenomena What is paranormal phenomena

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I love the X-Files and listening to paranormal podcasts Astonishing Legends, Lore and the Cryptonaut Podcast being my favorites in the genre. What draws my interest to the paranormal is not really a belief in the existence of most of the things that are described, but a love of the stories themselves.

what is paranormal phenomena

And, of course, the stories. A great example: the disappearance and tragic death of Id Lam at the Cecil Hotel as recently documented on Netflix. I remember seeing the video of Ms. But part of me wants to believe: the world would be more interesting if we were being visited by extraterrestrials and dimensional-traveling bigfoots and mothmen, being regularly haunted by the spirits of the deceased and influenced by supernatural forces that interact with us in unseen ways.

what is paranormal phenomena

Even as I vehemently disagree with ancient alien theories as based in racism and a lack of understanding that humans 4, years ago were just as intelligent as humans today if lacking the benefit of the additional millennia of experimentation and gathered knowledge we enjoyI do admit the possibility that Earth has at some time been visited by intelligent life from other planets. Alright, what the hell is all of this about, really?

Another EX-CIA Director comments on UFOs and shares a ‘paranormal’ story

My faith in Christianity, ultimately, is a belief in the supernatural. But what, if anything, makes them different?

what is paranormal phenomena

How are the subjects alike? Belief, Lack of Evidence, Personal Experience The very thing that raises the question at all is the combination that: 1 there are people who believe in either the paranormal or source, and 2 there is insufficient evidence—and, when it comes down to it, no real methodology—for proving the objective existence of either. But we know that experiences may be deceiving.

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Proof Remains a Possibility At the same time, the possibility of one day having undeniable proof of the truth of these beliefs remains open. It is possible paranofmal, someday, someone will catch a sasquatch, or capture an alien or their craft, that the Ark of the Covenant will be discovered, or that Jesus will come again. This possibility lends a weight to beliefs that leads people what is paranormal phenomena focus on seeking that proof over understanding the meaning of the beliefs.]

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