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View original Sexual violence has become a public health issue in Central African Republic CAR over the past decade, with women and minors being the most affected groups. In a country marked by years of civil war and facing a long-term crisis, assaults are perpetrated not just by members of armed groups; often the assault is committed by someone known to the victim. While access to medical and psychological care has improved over the years, the response remains insufficient compared to the scale of the needs. With her mother having died, and her father having rejected her, Charlotte was living with her aunt and her uncle when her uncle raped her one day at home, while the rest of the family was out. Her aunt did not believe her and Charlotte felt completely alone and desperate. She first went to the police without success and, after talking to a cousin whom she considers like a sister, she decided to seek help. Charlotte is one of the more than 6, survivors of sexual violence who have received medical, psychological and psychosocial care by MSF teams since the Tongolo project kicked off in Bangui in He innocently offered shelter to a person he thought he knew, until he got sexually harassed one night. I started to panic, I was so scared. He beat me but I managed to escape.

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This artist's impression shows the expected distribution of dark matter in the Milky Way galaxy as a blue halo of material surrounding the galaxy. Dark matter can explain the 'flat' appearance of the velocity curve out to a large radius. The arms of spiral galaxies rotate around the galactic center. The luminous mass density of a spiral galaxy decreases as one goes from the center to the outskirts. If luminous mass were all the matter, then we can model the galaxy as a point mass in the centre and test masses orbiting around it, similar to the Solar System. what is the invisible web

Today morning was totally different from my regular morning hours. Last night I decided to sleep early and wake up earlier than usual to avoid unnecessary stress while I got ready to office. I was all set to leave home half an hour ahead of my scheduled departure time. That half click hour helped me understand so many wonderful things about life and gave me the time to notice what I had missed all these days.

Most of what is the invisible web, ia our busy journey to reach our destination, forget to notice important sign boards and lovely landscapes.

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Once we reach there, another destination is set and we continue our never-ending journey, still failing to notice and appreciate what should not be ignored. As I was leisurely sitting on my sofa, watching TV, I noticed my maid who click here quietly cleaning my home. I saw her face and I could read so much of pain in her eyes. She has been working at our home for a year now and I had never given any time to observe her as another human being around. In the rat race of life, I have ignored the presence and contribution of this wonderful woman who takes care of my home better than me.

Truly accounting for a woman’s work

Immaterial of the meager salary that I pay, I have to be so thankful to her for maintaining my home with so much dedication. Gratitude was flowing in me for this woman about whom I knew nothing else but her name.

what is the invisible web

At the age where one what is the invisible web live like a king, taking complete rest and enjoying life, here was a man still earning for his family, waking up all night and doing odd jobs for few more rupees. Bahadur was trying to smile hard despite his sleepless night and worn out body. He was in tattered clothes and so was his status only because he was a watchman who was paid for his job. Does anybody thank him for that? I noticed an old lady sweeping the streets. People who were crossing her were cursing her for the dust that rose as she was doing her source. She had to receive such signs of disgust everyday but totally unaffected by these, she kept focus on what she was doing. The challenge of doing some job is when nobody appreciates you for it and still you have to do it. I wondered how the streets would look if not for these people who clean up all the dirt others contribute to the society.

In fact, this is the best service anybody can offer. How many of us think about what is the invisible web people and respect them for what they are? How can we recognize God even if He is visible, when we so easily ignore people who are actually visible? I boarded the bus to my office and in a few minutes the bus took a sudden dangerous twist and turn. The bus driver just managed to avoid an accident that was a result of a careless two-wheeler driver.

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He was in utter tension for few minutes and then eeb back to normalcy continuing his goal to safely transport over 50 lives. This man was in his mid 40s and he too must be having his problems, however, he could not lose focus for a minute that would put so many lives in danger.

He must be tired driving this huge vehicle all his life in such thankless, maddening traffic. Without drivers like him, how will people commute to their work places?

what is the invisible web

These are the people who provide us the mobility and freedom to do so many things in life. I have never taken time earlier in life to thank people in such professions.

what is the invisible web

What self centeredness! I consciously decided to notice, thank and respect all those people who were invisible to me till then, but have made significant contribution in my life so far. I noticed the ever-smiling receptionist in my office, the sincere security guard at the gate, the lift operators, those who cleaned the entire office including the wash rooms, the cooks in the pantry, those who served food, those who cleaned our left-over, the postman, the plumber… the list went on and on!]

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