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Celebrating Columbus why is christopher columbus a villain. Why is christopher columbus a villain

April April 18, It is evident to everyone reading this blog post who Christopher Columbus was. He was the explorer whose voyages brought a string of changes to the Americas.

Essay about Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?

But before we find out who Christopher Columbus was and how he set foot in the Americas, we have to first look at why he set sail. In the 13th century, the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan and his successors, began conquering the world.

why is christopher columbus a villain

Their conquests, spanning from Japan in the East to Europe in the West, claimed the lives of millions of people. However, once their conquests were over, peace settled in. During this period of peace, the Mongols re-established the silk route, which connected the eastern world with the western world.

The silk route was also safe to travel because dacoits, burglars, and bandits were scared of being punished by the Mongols. So, they did not dare to attack the traders who traveled along the silk route. It was said thatduring the Mongol why is christopher columbus a villain, a woman with a pot of gold can walk through the silk route safely. Moreover, the Mongols enhanced the silk road culturally by go here different religions coexist.

So, several kingdoms from Europe, Africa, and Asia started trading through the silk route. The Europeans profited heavily by trading through the silk route.

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Spices were one of the most expensive and in-demand products at that time. Europeans used spices to make food additives, preservatives, medicines, perfumes, cosmetic items, and religious rituals. So, spices became indispensable for medieval Europeans.

why is christopher columbus a villain

Spices and many other goods mostly came from Asia and Africa through the silk route. Hence, many European nations depended on the silk route heavily for important goods and commodities.

Christopher Columbus: Not a Hero

Around the middle of the 14th century, the Black Plaguethe global pandemic of that time, hit Europe. Black Plague might have originated in China and traveled to Europe through the silk route. A few years later, due to internal conflicts and partly due to the outbreak of the Christo;her Plague, the Mongol Empire disintegrated. So, the silk route became rife with the disease as well as bandits and skirmishes. Thus, the silk route, which was once a secure passage to Asia, now became a dangerous route to take. So, travelers and traders who wanted to travel to Asia started taking longer, roundabout routes. In the 15th why is christopher columbus a villain, the Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Empire. When the Ottoman Empire came to power, it took control of all the trade routes and closed the silk route christopheer for Christian traders.

European countries were in need of goods and commodities that the silk route had provided them until then.

why is christopher columbus a villain

Find out how people changed our world and made history while doing it.]

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