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12 angry men movie

Senseless: 12 angry men movie

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12 angry men movie

Make sure to be specific and complete when answering the questions. You can use either the updated version meeker tavern the movie or the original. The movie is available for you to watch at the Pitt CC library or 12 angry men movie can rent it from a local video store. In question 3, you are asked about barriers to critical thinking—please refer to Personal Barriers to Critical Thinking that are listed on Moodle.

Please remember to fully develop your answers and identify specific logical fallacies in question 5. Please only use logical fallacies that are listed in our text. Unit 9: 12 Angry Men. This assignment will ahgry due next week.

12 angry men movie

Angry Man. Retired Man. Our Hero. Which character is the most effective critical thinker? Which characteristics of a critical thinker does this person exemplify? Explain your answer in paragraphs and support yourself with specific examples from the movie.

12 angry men movie

Which character is the least effective critical thinker? What barriers to emn thinking prevent any other 3 jurors from thinking critically? Do not choose the juror you discussed in question 2. In 1 paragraph per juror, tell the obstacle s and how it prevents each one from thinking critically.

Conformity In 12 Angry Men

Use examples from the film for each juror to support yourself. At what point do any 3 of the jurors become critical thinkers Do not choose the juror you discussed in question 1. Specifically, what happens to make each one think critically? Explain in 1 paragraph per juror.

12 angry men movie

Give the juror, the fallacy that the juror uses, and the context for each example. Advertising Man Juror 2. Older African American Juror Immigrant Juror 3. George C. Scott Juror Young African American Juror 4.

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Old Man Juror 5. Please papers ordered from Destiny papers. Therefore, when citing a paper you get from us in your own work, it should be properly referenced. WhatsApp us. The Foreman 35, small, petty, football coach Juror Advertising Man 30, doodler, snob Juror 2.]

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