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I recently went on a two-week meditation retreat. Seven Factors of Awakening. I had a great retreat. There is a lot that clicked into place, and in time I will share it in posts, articles, and videos. For now I just wanted to share an interesting insight I got. The overall idea here is that in order to sustain a state of consciousness where meditation has benefits one needs to have a state of mind that has a lot of control over itself. In this light, when your mind is too excited and restless you should put emphasis on the tranquilizing factors concentration, equanimity, and tranquility. When your mind is too sluggish or sleepy, you put extra emphasis on the exciting factors investigation, energy, adaptive vs rational expectations joy.

And the balancing factor mindfulness is what allows you to keep track of this process without getting distracted by the hindrances.

Revealing the computational properties of consciousness

This allows you to cybernetically stay in the zone most conducive to meditative development. Importantly, I think that the factors themselves are best developed in that zone. So it may be futile to ask someone who is panicking to focus on tranquility IF they have not focused on tranquility before when they were in the optimal zone. So for a lot of people developing the seven factors is going to be a bootstrapping process. adaptive vs rational expectations

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Pragmatically, I expect that e. In addition to valence and arousal, the seven factors also allow you to cybernetically stay in the zone for two additional key dimensions. Together they can help you adaptive vs rational expectations in the optimal zone along these four dimensions! Then you use the seven factors in order to direct the evolution of the flow into healing and harmonious dynamics. Doing this over and over will, over time, allow you to create a very wholesome and healing exectations. More specifically, here are the seven factors as seen through the lens of Neural Annealing:.

adaptive vs rational expectations

The holy grail here would be the creation of a high-entropy alloy that blends together all seven factors. As you start developing some of the factors, you can use them to weld the flow in such a way that developing the other factors becomes easier.

Qualia Souvenirs

Then you can start developing two or more factors simultaneously e. In time, one climbs the gradient that fortifies the presence of the factors in the expecfations, making it a home for wholesome qualia computing. The Tracer Tool is available here. Video description: How can we bring back information from conscious states, especially from exotic and altered states of consciousness?

adaptive vs rational expectations

I think that Zuck does a great job at walking you through the features of the tool. If you watch the video you will understand the difference between trailsreplaysand strobes.]

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