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In actuality, the Saints drop who analtsis want. There has been little indication from the New Orleans Saints front office on who they will select in the first round of the NFL Anthem analysis. Nonetheless, but from Pro Day visits and interviews, there's a slight hat-tip to certain positions of interest.

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Cornerback and Linebacker. The Saints tend to build from the inside out. Choosing an offensive or defensive lineman is not out of the question for anthem analysis team. The one caveat is the fact New Orleans has glaring needs at cornerback and linebacker. The question stands - would it be prudent to watch talent at those positions come off the board early without making a pick of their own?

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Let's stop and evaluate. New Orleans coaches and scouts have stopped to visit and anthem analysis virtual interviews with the following players. Ireland briefly chatted with linebacker Zaven Collins. Who does New Orleans like qnalysis No. They need a "Shut 'Em Down" player at either cornerback linebacker. New Orleans should highly covet a corner in this year's draft.

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Several names associated with the team make sense. Lattimore has pending legal issues and could face disciplinary action from the NFL. All of this could affect his availability early in the upcoming season.

Saints 2021 Draft Prospects: Jabril Cox

At this point Williams anthem analysis Robinson are backup players and not full-time starters. New Orleans should seek a player with the shut-down qualities like a Marshon Lattimore. The talent they will face incoupled with the speed, height, and length of NFC South receivers, the Saints could be favorable to Newsome and Farley. Players to watch at No. The possibility of Kwon Alexander returning to the Saints is still in the works watch his training session with Dr. As the running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers get faster and more shifty in the NFL, New Orleans has to consider defensive players who see more anthem analysis ability to counter the opposition's offensive skill players.

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Wheeling and dealing is nothing new to the New Orleans Saints on draft day. Unless they genuinely covet a player higher on the board and can relinquish the draft capital, the Saints likely will stay at No. The odds are against a significant leap higher than No. If you study the draft board, most of the teams at 20 and above will have a high value and need to maintain their position in the first-round. In addition, New Orleans may have to surrender a 's second-round selection and next year's first-round pick to climb in a prime position for selecting anthem analysis cornerbacks Here Horn or Patrick Surtain II.

There's a value at 28 for the Saints. If New Orleans decides to trade back and pick up an additional second-rounder, they could anthem analysis fortunate enough capturing a first-round talent who may have slipped for various reasons.

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Draft spots 33 to 43 are a prime area to get either a quality cornerback or linebacker. Then anthem analysis will have options at 60 - offensive lineman could be a consideration. Also, the extra draft capital acquired could help in or Finding a trading partner or two is the key.]

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