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SRES3028 Policy Brief Example

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This running head is left-justified flush left on the page. Look at the first page of these instructions, and you will see how to set up your Running head. It is included in the header o Your paper title appears on the title page. This is usually 12 words or less, and the first letter of each word is capitalized. It should be descriptive of the paper For this paper, you should use the title of the article you are critiquing. This includes everything from the title page through the references. ALL of your future papers will include a similar title page 2. Below are some things to include in your summary. Type of study Was it experimental or correlational? How do you know? apa policy brief example

Georgia Specific See more for Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay Sample Instructions: Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to explore the most recent guidelines and recommendations in the student's state of practice for pain management therapies and education; as well as to understand specific state regulations governing controlled substance prescriptions.

Activity Learning Outcomes Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: Identify and describe at least one current state specific guideline for pain management therapy and education. Explore other organizations or pain initiatives that are offered by the state if applicable. Describe state specific laws that apply to the authority to prescribe schedule II controlled substances. Apx at the end of Week 2. apa policy brief example

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This assignment will follow the late assignment policy specified in the course syllabus. Students are expected to submit assignments by the time they are due. Assignments will be accepted, with penalty as described, up to a maximum of three days late, after which point a zero will be recorded for the assignment. Apa policy brief example the event polocy a situation that prevents timely submission click here an assignment, students may petition their instructor for a waiver of the late submission grade reduction. The instructor will review the student's rationale for the request and make a determination based on the merits of the student's appeal. Consideration of the student's total course performance to brieff will be a contributing factor in the determination. Students should continue to attend class, actively participate, and complete other assignments while the appeal is pending.

Submit the paper as a Microsoft Word Document, which is the required format at Chamberlain University.

Apa Sample Essay 6th Edition - How do you format a bibliography in APA Style? (6th edition)

Follow the directions below and the grading criteria located in the rubric closely. The length of the paper should be pages, excluding title page and reference page s. The title and reference pages should be in APA format. Sources should be obtained apa policy brief example from the state's regulatory organization s and must be cited appropriately. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this paper to provide to potential employers or your Board of Nursing in order to brier your knowledge of your state laws. Requirements: I. Guidelines and recommendations for your state: In response to the opioid epidemic, individual states http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/benjamin-franklin-s-theory-of-life-and/nike-br.php developed and adopted voluntary guidelines or recommendations for the treatment of acute and chronic non-cancer pain.

apa policy brief example

Based on research done on the state where you will practice clinically, include the following: Provide the name of your practicing state's organization, group or task force that created guidelines or recommendations for pain management therapies and education.

Briefly describe an overview of its development and include a web address where this information can be found. If your state does not have guidelines, discuss a federal guideline. Note: you may need to contact your state's board of nursing, pharmacy or medicine if you cannot locate it on your own.

apa policy brief example

Some states have multiple organizations or initiatives ex: Ohio in place to combat the opioid epidemic and advocate for safer opioid prescribing. Discuss whether or not your state has other resources, groups or organizations where prescribers can reference best practices for pain management treatment. If applicable, provide a brief overview of the group's recommendations or initiatives. If your state does not have another state-specific resource, discuss the guidelines published by the American Pain Society. State specific laws on controlled substance prescribing for the nurse practitioner: Research your state laws on advanced practice nurses' authority to prescribe controlled substances. Based on research done on the state where you will practice clinically, include the following: Identify the law, apa policy brief example, code or statute that describes the advanced practice nurse's authority to prescribe controlled substances in your state.

Discuss the provisions of the law, rule, code or statute with apa policy brief example to the following: Conditions or limits on prescribing schedule I-V controlled substances. Requirements if any in documentation for treating acute and chronic pain. Are there specific requirements for advanced practice nurses to reference the state's prescription drug monitoring database before prescribing a controlled substance? If so, what are they? Website for the state PMDP.]

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