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The Berlin Airlift: How a city was saved from starvation berlin airlift purpose Berlin airlift purpose

The basis of this blockade was to cut of Western Allies ' railway, road, and canal access to the eastern side of the city.

berlin airlift purpose

The Soviets proposed an offer to the west, in which they would drop the blockade, if newly introduced Deutschmark currency was withdrawn from West Berlin. But seeing as though if they did agree, the German society would only crumble even further, so the westerners rejected the offer.


The capital, Berlin, was also split up among to four allies to represent the division of the country. Because of underlying grievances between the communists in the Eastern bloc and the non berlin airlift purpose in the Western bloc, a blockade was put around Berlin to force the hands of the Western bloc to give up Berlin to the communists. To a great extent the Berlin Blockade was a result of the Truman Doctrine. Due to the implementation of the Marshall Plan, the Berlin airlift and the introduction of a new a new currency into West Germany and West Berlin, the tensions between the Western and Eastern superpowers increased dramatically. However, Stalin did setup the Berlin blockade which caused underlying tension to rise.


The term "cold war" first appeared in a essay by the English writer George Orwell called "You and the Atomic Bomb. The Berlin Blockade of the East Germans effectively blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to the Berlin sectors under Western control. As a direct siege on half of Here, the Allies came to this problem with an ingenious solution —an airlift.

berlin airlift purpose

The Berlin Airlift gave many people hope. This berlin airlift purpose will contain information about the Berlin Airlift, like when and where it started, when it ended, and what living in West Berlin was like during this period. The Cold War was a war that consisted of hostility and threats among several countries. This war went on fromaffecting citizens Different Policies And Government Authority Words 8 Pages On November 30th,it was announced that there would be mile-wide air corridors providing passage to Berlin.

Since the use of unarmed aircraft would be the transport method, the Soviets could not accuse that the berlin airlift purpose aircraft were a military threat, like if they were tanks or trucks. Being faced with non-lethal aircraft refusing to turn around, the only way to keep the blockade impassable would be to shoot them down.


Stalin had opposing views with those Western allies as they undermined purposs. Actions of the Western Allies led Stalin to be frustrated and threatened that Germany would be invaded the Soviet Union again. So, Stalin called the Berlin Berlin airlift purpose. It was a response to this pressure. The purpose of the Berlin Blockade was to block Western Allies railway, road, and canal access to sectors of Berlin, that were under Western Control.]

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