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Via SchiffGold. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said this is sustainable — for now. During a webinar sponsored by the Economic Club of Washington DC, Powell said the economy can handle the current debt load. But he did warn that the long-term trajectory of the US budget is unsustainable. The US federal budget is on an unsustainable path, meaning simply that the debt is growing meaningfully faster than the economy. The current level of debt is very sustainable. This is not the time to prioritize than concern. But it is nonetheless an important concern that we will ultimately have to return to again when the economy is strong. The US government was on this borrowing and spending path before the coronavirus pandemic, and it will remain on this path forevermore — until that path dead ends. Virtually everybody agrees the stimulus is necessary to deal with the economic impacts of coronavirus. bernie sanders powells Bernie sanders powells bernie sanders powells

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt. Instead, the plan advances countless progressive policy initiatives, and is being described bernie sanders powellslink, the Green New Deal. What did Pelosi say? That means all of our kids should have the ability to get a higher education, not leave school deeply in debt.

bernie sanders powells

It is human infrastructure.]

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