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I want the past to fade into the sunset, except for the classics, like Central Park.

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Good enough. Everything is on the Internet, the entire subterranean depths of demons and obsessions. You can read a website saying that doctors and nurses who administer COVID vaccine should be tried beyonce reformation war criminals. You can visit the world of men in love with weaponry.

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I used Google the other day to locate a column by Russell Baker that I vaguely remembered from his beyonce reformation writing for the New York Times. Baker was walking along a street in New York and a potato fell from a high window, missing him by a few inches, and shattered on beyonce reformation sidewalk. It is such a rare event that the odds against being involved in two during one lifetime are overwhelming. Hence, it is as close to statistical certainty as a thing can be that falling potato will not be the instrument of my farewell.

This is as close to immortality as a columnist gets, to know that your brilliant potato column is ever available to the curious. Creating a new world of harmony and justice is not in my windshield. I am past that age. The ship got stuck in the Suez because it was overloaded: Duh.

Wake up. People look to us Minnesotans for leadership but there is only so much we can do. Available now: Garrison Keillor's memoirvia Arcade Publishing. In That Time of YearGarrison Keillor looks back on his life and beyonce reformation how a Brethren boy with writerly ambitions grew up in a small town on the Mississippi in the s and, seeing three link friends die young, turned to comedy and radio.

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Beoynce a series of unreasonable lucky breaks, he founded Beyonce reformation Prairie Home Companion and put himself in line for a good life, including mistakes, regrets, and a few medical adventures. PHC lasted forty years, shows, and enjoyed the freedom to do as it pleased for three or four million listeners every Saturday at 5 p. Supreme Court. He wrote bestselling novels, won a Grammy and a National Humanities Medal, and made a here with Robert Altman with an alarming amount of improvisation.

When I read in the paper last month about impoverished children playing in a park and finding used hypodermics and thereby contracting HIV, the tragedy stuck with me. I had a young child once, two of them, twenty years apart, beyonce reformation can envision this happening and how the heart would break absolutely.]

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