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Harrat al Birk volcanic field. The western coastal escarpment can be considered two mountain ranges separated by a gap in the vicinity of Mecca in Tihamah. The northern range in the Hejaz seldom exceeds 2, meters, and the elevation gradually decreases toward the south to about meters. The rugged mountain wall drops abruptly to the sea with only a few intermittent coastal plains. There are virtually no natural harbors along the Red Sea. The western slopes have been stripped of soil by the erosion of infrequent but turbulent rainfalls that have fertilized the plains to the west. The eastern slopes are less steep and are marked by dry river beds wadis that trace the courses of ancient rivers and continue to lead the rare rainfalls down to the plains. Scattered oases, drawing water from springs and wells in the vicinity of the wadis, permit some settled agriculture. Of these oases, the largest and most important is Medina. South of Hejaz, the mountains exceed 2, meters in several places with some peaks nearing 3, meters.

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Touched by the caress of Her glance you know that her heart is overflowing with love for all beings. Listening to Her teaching so simple and clear you understand that She is in possession of all Wisdom. But one cannot say whether it is Joy, Love or Wisdom that is the source of all body geography for with Her all therr are inextricably and indissolubly mingled one coluld not exist without the others.

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The joy which Ma anandmayi lives is not that which we know in worldly life, where body geography and pain, hope, regret and disillusionment, attraction and repulsion follow on each other's heels, born one of another. Nor is it an egocentric calm of stoic rigidity that erects around itself an rampart of indifference.

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Hers is an overflowing, irrepressible joy that expresses body geography in gaiety, that knows no obstacles, because it is deeply rooted in the Absolute, beyond the dualities of good and evil, of 'I' and 'not-I', of pleasant and unpleasant, because its unshakable base is Love and Wisdom.]

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