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Open the file titled Johnson and Nixon, read the material and write a paragraph post on the following prompt: How does the presidency of Lyndon Johnson compare to that of Richard Nixon. It created the Job Corps, which provided for education for small children, and established work-study programs for college students. He also pushed through passage of the Civil Rights Act of After his victory over the conservative Barry Goldwater in , Johnson pressed for further reforms. Other programs provided support for the arts and for scientific research, highway safety, crime control, slum clearance, clean air and water, and the preservation of historic sites. In the midst of his campaign against Vietnam, Nixon and his foreign policy advisor, Henry Kissinger, embarked on an epic diplomatic venture. They would deal with the governments of China and the Soviet Union separately. This was the first step in the normalization of diplomatic relations. brezhnev and nixon.

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Both were signed by President Richard M. This agreement paved click way for further discussions on international cooperation and the limitation of nuclear weapons, as seen by both the SALT II Treaty and the Washington Summit. Nixon was proud to have reached an agreement through his diplomatic capabilities that his predecessors failed to reach.

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In Augustthe U. Senate approved the agreements by an overwhelming majority. Salt-I, as we have learned, served as the basis for all the discussions on weapons limitation brezhnev and nixon followed. Mobile ICBMs are not covered. The Soviet Union considered that, since neither party was renouncing these systems, it should not be subject to a freeze; it also refused to ban them in a future comprehensive agreement.

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The United States considered that it should be banned because of the control difficulties it presented. In an official statement, the U. In June, President Reagan reaffirmed that it was in the interest of the United States to maintain a middle framework of mutual brezhnev and nixon with the USSR and stated that the United States would continue to refrain from under-rating existing strategic arms agreements as long as the USSR showed comparable reluctance and actively pursued arms reduction agreements in the nuclear and space reduction talks NST. Brezhnev and nixon is expected to remain in effect for five years. The two countries pledged to continue negotiations for a nxion agreement as soon as possible, and the provisions of the agreement should not undermine the scope and terms of a new agreement.

brezhnev and nixon

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brezhnev and nixon

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